Inspire everyone in your company with a captivating vision that boosts involvement, drives strategy, and produces short and long-term results.




Upgrade Journey Choice


Every member of your team has a natural urge and desire to be a part of something bigger than financial ambitions and their individual accomplishments. When team members are clearly and confidently aligned with your Vision, they will assist to achieve it. This is where you explain why your company exists and what it stands for.

From a commercial standpoint, purpose is the underlying reason for your existence. It is the driving force behind what you do.

Beliefs are unwavering ideals and convictions for which you are prepared to make sacrifices. They are the filters through which you determine behaviors, directions and decisions in the company.


Describe in detail what you and your business will become in the future. This is an inspiring story that will define and identify the important areas for you to develop on and master in order to attain your Vision. It reminds you and your team of where you’re headed and how it will affect who you all become as a whole.

The Future is your ideal vision for your company’s or department’s future. It is everything you want to be and achieve in the next ten years. To attain it, you must be able to see it.

The major sections of your business are derived from your desired future. They are the most significant aspects of your business that you will develop and concentrate on as your company grows and influences more people.


After Belong and Become parts, you are now ready to address the question, “What needs to be constructed in order to preserve who we are and attain what we want?” The Build portion is built in your Business Plan; but, in your Business Vision, you must first establish what ultimate success looks like.

These are massive goals that are so intriguing and far-reaching that achieving them will demand your team to stretch and work harder and smarter than they have ever worked before.


6 Steps to Align Your Team With Your Vision

Step 1: Make a Commitment to the Process

We will meet with your team to lay out the process and ensure that all key players are on board and committed.

Step 2: Build The Vision

Working with one of our Executive Coaches or CEO Mentors, your CEO will begin to develop the company's vision by utilizing the Belong, Become, and Build process.

Step 3: Fine-Tune Your Vision

During this two-day executive retreat, your CEO will invite members of the Executive Team to provide comments before committing to the initial draft of the vision. Leaders will then contribute by imagining a future for the particular area of the business for which they are accountable.

Step 4: Communicate Your Vision

Your CEO and Executive Team will discuss the vision with the next level of executives at this one-day event. Members of the Executive Team will then collaborate with their direct reports to create a distinct future for their specific region of the business, while assuring alignment and commitment to the overarching vision.

Step 5: Put the Vision into Action

The CEO and members of the Executive Team will convene for a two-day retreat to begin the process of ensuring corporate strategy fits with corporate vision. The team will provide a procedure for reviewing strategy and vision, as well as provide updates on important strategic projects and objectives.

Step 6: Capitalize on the Vision

We'll meet at the end of the session to go over future steps and provide you advice on how to leverage your new vision through leadership development activities and strategies.