The methodology is based on the training programs of Persona Global, CEFE International Germany, and Ericsson College Canada – Solution-oriented coaching, with elements of NLP, Transactional Analysis, and Emotional Intelligence.

Erickson College of Canada

Is a global educational organization 1980, which provides professional training programs in the field of coaching and human development worldwide. Their programs include advanced technologies of human dynamics and change, accelerated learning, leadership development, creativity, and achieving excellence in coaching, and are applied and taught in many international and online locations worldwide. The Art & Science of Coaching program accredited by the International Coaching Federation - ICF is one of the leading, fastest-growing coaching training programs in the world.

CEFE (The Competency based Economies through Formation of Entrepreneurs)

Is one of the most successful methods for teaching entrepreneurial development, which includes both communication and leadership skills. It is a complete set of training instruments that uses an active approach and methods of dynamic and experiential learning to develop and improve managerial and personal skills and competencies among different target groups. CEFE training aims not only to convey information but also to create competencies that include knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits. The training increases the participants' ability to make informed decisions and take action in complex and changing systems.

Persona Global's programs

Give participants the tools to raise their communication skills to a whole new level, as well as the skills to convey their message powerfully and convincingly in any business situation, and to build and maintain successful teams, through skill development. for communication, time management, determining values and thereby resolving conflicts, motivation, and teamwork. This program can be especially useful for all those for whom soft skills and communication skills are crucial in their work: managers, leaders and team members, supervisors, administrators, internal communication, human resources employees, in direct communication with customers, etc., and for all those who know the importance of soft skills, wherever they are needed.

Process Communication Model® (PCM)

PCM is a scientifically validated personality assessment and communication methodology. This workshop will enable your team to understand their communication preferences and those of their colleagues. By leveraging PCM, participants will enhance their interpersonal communication skills, leading to more effective collaboration, reduced misunderstandings, and improved team cohesion.

Harvard ManageMentor®

Harvard ManageMentor® is a world-renowned platform offering a vast array of leadership and management development resources. This workshop will guide participants through key modules, providing insights from Harvard Business Review's experts. Topics include leadership, strategy, communication, and more, ensuring your team gains valuable insights and practical skills from globally recognized thought leaders.



To proceed with this transformative opportunity, I propose a brief call to discuss any specific nuances, objectives, or additional topics you would like us to incorporate into the workshops. This will ensure a seamless alignment with your organizational goals. We are confident that these workshops will not only meet but exceed your expectations. We look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the continued success of your organization.